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M Place also allows its occupants an easy access to convenient retail such as a Savemore store and other various shops and services. Moreover, it includes facilities and amenities such as two adult swimming pools, two kiddie pools, function rooms, a children's playground and a jogging path placed in a topical garden.

Just like other homes, M Place Residences are neighbored by some facilities which include schools and hospitals. The nearby schools include St. Mary`s College, Angelicum, St. Joseph`s College, University of the Philippines-Diliman, the Trinity University of Asia as well as the University of Santo Tomas. These learning institutions provide education to residents of M Place Residences. Their location is advantageous to residents since they are readily available. The presence of these learning institutions near the residences ensures that you would not need to travel far in search of a school. The distance of these schools from the apartments is close enough hence suiting teenagers and children who may not be willing far.

 The hospitals neighboring these residences include St. Luke’s Medical Center, Veteran Memorial Medical Center, Capitol Medical Center, East Avenue Medical Center, National Children`s Hospital, and the Philippine Heart Center. The hospitals provide medical services to residents in case they get ill as well as in the case of an emergency. With these hospitals in place, you don’t have to worry so much about medical care since they are within reach. Other establishments around include SM North EDSA, Trinoma, and the Crossings Department Store Quezon Avenue.

These residences provide units for guests as well as units for those who need an entire home. There are provisions as well for who visit these apartments for solo adventures. The space available for a whole home accommodates four people, has two bathrooms, two bedrooms, a kitchen and four beds. You can reserve these units so as to have them designed according to your requirements. The one bedroom units measure 28.43 square meters while the L type bedroom units measure 28.04 square meters in size. The check in time at the M Place Residences is anytime after 3 PM. You can check out at 11 AM.

There are essentials provided, television, air conditioning, hangers, family amenities, as well as a washer. There is no charge for extra people; the cleaning fee amounts to $10 while the security deposit amounts to $ 122. There are house rules set within these residences to regulate the events that take place on the site. The house rules are against smoking, partying and keeping pets. In case you wish to cancel your unit reservation the terms are flexible since you get a 100% refund of your money.

Your safety at these residents is catered for since there are safety features such as smoke detectors. The safety features alert you in the case of a fire outbreak by triggering the alarm. When the alarm is triggered, you can secure assets as well as your life.

Various facilities within these residences make them unique when compared to other apartments. The facilities ensure that residents enjoy their stay while at the residences. The available amenities include a lounge, swimming pools for both adults and kids, jogging path, children`s playground, a chill spot garden room. There is also a WIFI connectivity to common areas, commercial shops at the ground level, emergency power generator set for common areas and select unit outlets, a 5-star hotel lobby and 24 Hour Security, CCTV, mailroom per tower, elevators as well as the MPlace Mall at the Ground Floor.

Swimming pools cater for leisure activities which most people love engaging in while the jogging path suits residents who opt for physical exercises that include jogging. The jogging path can as well be used by athletes for morning and evening runs rather than jogging alone. The children`s playground onsite suits kids within the residences. The WIFI connectivity in the joint areas serves the residents with internet connectivity which aids in many online activities which people in the whole world depend on in making a livelihood. Such activities include communication through social media, e-learning, e-business, and e-commerce.

Commercial shops on the ground floor provide residents with basics. The shops act as the retail areas within the residences. With the shops within reach, residents have easier access to their needs hence no need to leave for other retail areas outside the residences. The shopping mall at the ground floor serves the same purpose the shops do, the only difference being the wide range of commodities retailed at the mall. The emergency power generator set for common areas supports lighting in case of a blackout. Light support provided by the standby generator ensures that there is no disruption of services when power fails. The 5-star hotel lobby provides an ample environment for a meeting or dinner with friends. The 24 Hour Security on site ensures that all residents and their assets are safe while within the residences. Tight security is paramount for a peaceful life in any location.

 In addition to security, there is the CCTV coverage that takes into account every activity that takes place within the facility. The mailroom per tower aids in mail delivery and collection to residents. The elevators on site aid in quick motion within the residences hence facilitate easier movement. The elevators are four in number; three are meant for people while one is meant for utility. The garden lounge is advantageous to residents in that they can pass the time while at this spot. Sometimes after a long week`s schedule at work, one needs to rest, and at the garden lounge, one can do so indolently.

All the amenities at the M Place Residences are aimed at attracting new residents and maintaining residents who already reside there. The facilities are upgraded from often so as to suit the ever-changing residents` requirements. Such changes may include improving the security system as well as maintaining the residences` facilities such as the swimming pools for better service provision.

There are various activities one can carry out while at these residences. The various activities range from leisure activities to professional activities. While at the M Place Residences, you can opt for recreational activities such as swimming since there are pools for adults and kids. You can as well engage in physical exercises at the garden and jogging path. Professional activities can be done with ease since there are enough units as well as an independent lobby onsite. While at these residences, you can opt to saunter onsite or outside the residences since there are many establishments may want to visit. The establishments around vary from schools to hospitals. There are some schools which you can visit and get to know how learning takes place. You can as well visit the various medical centers for check-ups.

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